I. adj
suspect or suspicious
► I thought it was a bit suss when they offered it to me for nothing.
II. n
'knowhow', 'savvy'. A usage in currency since the 1970s, based on suss (out).
► I wouldn t worry about her, she's got a lot of suss.
suspicion. The much criticised Vagrancy Act, under whose provisions (young) people could be arrested for 'loitering with intent (to commit an arrestable offence)', was known as 'the sus law'.
► 'On sus(s)' refers to being taken into custody on suspicion of committing an offence.
suss (out)
to discern, discover, deduce or realise. A vogue expression among beatniks of the early 1960s (in the longer form); it had probably been in sporadic use before that. At first the phrase usually meant to perceive someone's true nature or inten-tions, it is now a fairly common colloqui-alism, often meaning no more than to 'work out'.
► I think I've managed to suss out a way round this.
► She sussed him out in five minutes.

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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